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Caroline Vreeland is a multitalented individual who has gained fame as a singer and songwriter, actress, social media personality, and model among other things. She started on her path to becoming famous when she was cast as the wind, a role that saw her backstage and blowing into the mic. While the role may seem little, it started something great for her as a child. Decades later, she has come to be involved in many things and recording success in them all.

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Webcam modelling has evolved over the years and is now the engine room of the pornographic industry. Many people have attained full-fledged pornographic careers following their success as a cam girl/boy, however, in Lana Rain’s case, she chose to stick to solo performances, exploring the sexuality of her cosplay characters. Her career as an adult entertainer has garnered her a growing fan base across social media platforms, as well as pornographic sites, where people get to pay to view her works. Here is everything there is to know about Lana Rain, who describes herself as an entrepreneur, web content creator, and cosplayer.

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Alexis Arquette was a popular transgender actress before her death. She was a strong activist for the LGBT community and was also known for her remarkable movie roles before and after her transition. Arquette played the character ‘Damien’ in Bride of Chucky and in other horror movies. The life and death of the popular actress remain one of the most talked about events in Holywood. Here is everything you need to know about Alexis Arquette.

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Dominic Purcell has an undeniable, charismatic presence whenever he is on screen. While he typically plays American characters, Dominic is actually from Australia. The actor is best known for his role as Lincoln Burrows on the hit television show Prison Break. He also appeared as Mick Rory from The CW’s The Flash, reprising the role as a main character on the superhero television show, Legends of Tomorrow.

Thanks to his height and build, Dominic Purcell often plays ‘tough guys’ in most of his film and television roles, however, the actor is often described as ‘a sweetheart’ and his real personality a huge departure from the characters he usually plays.

Despite his career success and fame, the actor tends to keep a low profile and is generally considered as humble by those who know him.

Dominic Purcell: Bio & Age

Dominic Haakon Myrtvedt Purcell was born to parents Phil Myrtvedt and Maureen Purcell on the 17th of February, 1970 in Wallasey, United Kingdom. While his father was from Norway with traces of the French ancestry, his mother had Irish roots.

In 1972, two years after his birth, his family relocated to Bondi, New South Wales in Australia before relocating later again to Western Sydney.

For his education, Dominic Purcell attended Blaxland East Public School before moving on to Blaxland High School. He later attended St Dominic’s College, an all-boys Catholic school, and also McCarthy Catholic College in Emu Plains.

However, his education pursuit did not end at McCarthy Catholic College, the actor joined the Australian Theatre for Young People, a Sydney-based theatre company, to improve his craft. Dominic then metIreland Boys (the Australian actor best known for his roles in the X-Men film franchise) when he later enrolled in the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

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During his time on earth, Anatoly Onoprienko got himself a lot of nicknames including Citizen O, The Terminator and The Beast of Ukraine. The meaning of these names is to be taken literally as the man was actually a serial killer who wasted 52 lives before his doomsday.

In his statement, Anatoly hinted that his unstable childhood contributed to turning him into a monster with no value for human life. Even more disturbing is the fact that he committed the murders as commanded by an inner voice, not because the victims posed any threat to him. Read more spine-chilling details about the Soviet-Ukrainian murderer and how he was caught.

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There is no end to creativity as many have distinguished themselves in different professions. Keone Madrid sure knows how to put talent to good use, along with his spouse Mariel Madrid. The duo has proved to the world that dancing is much more than body movements. They are known to add a sprinkle of fresh steps into every performance and they have mastered an urban dance styling that can best be described as spectacular. You will understand what we are talking about is you are an avid follower of Jennifer Lopez’s World of Dance.

Moreso, Keone Madrid has choreographed for celebrities like Kim Hyun-Joong and Jasmine Villegas. The famed choreographer has worked with crews such as Culture Shock San Diego, Future Shock San Diego, as well as Formality. He also choreographed and directed for the crew known as Choreo Cookies. Read on to satisfy your curiosity about the popular choreographer.

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Corbin Bleu Reivers is an American actor, dancer, model, film producer musician and songwriter. He is best remembered for his role in the Disney Channel Original film, High School Musical as Chad Danforth, the captain of the school’s basketball team.

Since then, the actor has remained active in the industry, building a career and making a name for himself.

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